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Establishment of MALAYSIA : Planning of USA since 1889 yet? (English Version)

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Establishment of MALAYSIA     : Planning of  USA since 1889 yet?
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1) A reaserch done by education faculty and Police Administrative, UITM explain that Malaysia has been known since 1889 .. Western colonial planning to divide and weaken the Malay world for hundreds of years have been designed by the Freemasons!

2) Criticism of planning the establishment of Malaysia in 1937 by external consultants Rupert Emerson USA is presenting his paper at HARVARD UNIVERSITY! .. 10 years after the foundation stone of the Freemasons (a secret movement founded by Jews) be placed in Northam Road in Penang .. during placement of the cornerstone of Freemasonry Posted in 1927, Rupert Emerson has just assumed the position Professor at Harvard University .. USA call him "Specialist on Nationalism in Asia" may be one powerful member of the Freemason.

3) I feel like crying when I see these things, when I find out the real history of the establishment of Malaysia and Indonesia.   It started when this sudden weird event occurs. Back then, Philippines once wanted to claim the name Malaysia. However, somehow Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak got the name first...

4) Apparently, a plans of the MALAYSIA country was existed hundreds of years before the country declared "independence", and a very clear is the country's founding papers MALAYSIA and criticism at Harvard University in 1937 by Rupert Emerson, which is ADVISORY OUTSIDE USA at that time and professor of political science and international relations in Harvard University.

5) USA secret documents about the state of Malaysia titled as below has been removed by the USA on his official Web site after the article about it published in the University Technology MARA .... right into CIA intelligence
"Foreign Relations, 1964-1968, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore; Philippines.Editor: Edward C. Keefer General Editor: David S. Patterson, United States Government Printing Office, Washington, 2001. "

6) Dato Onn Jaafar: founder of the United Malays National Organisation (twinner), the original ڤرتوبوهن كبڠسأن ملايو برساتو or the name has now been translated into English to "the United Malay National Organization (UMNO)". The British banned all political parties that are not transform into English.

In the severe slander by the nation itself (Dato Onn Jaafar)

7) The last Speech from the Dato Onn Jaafar as the Speaker of the UMNO on August 26, 1951:
Oleh kerana saya mempunyai beberapa peluang dapat melihat sesuatu gerak langkah, sesuatu perbuatan atau cadangan yang hendak dijalankan di Tanah Melayu ini; langkah-langkah dan perbuatan yang mendatangkan kebimbangan kepada diri saya sendiri.…saya dapat peluang itu oleh kerana dapat melihat tempat2 yang tidak dapat dimasuki kebanyakkan orang. (adakah Dato Onn Jaafar sudah berjaya masuk ke dalam salah satu loji FREEMASON di Tanah Melayu ketika itu?) Melihat gerak langkah dan cadangan-cadangan yang hendak didatangkannya ke atas Tanah Melayu ini. Malang mulut saya tertutup, malang saya berkata mulut saya ini tertutup tidak dapat menzahirkan kepada umat Melayu Semenanjung ini apa yang diketahui oleh saya dalam masa menyempurnakan pekerjaan2 dan tanggungan saya itu…"
rujukan : (Mohamed Abid, 2003, muka surat 191-192)
"Since I have several opportunities to see a response step, an act or proposed to be carried out in Malaya; the steps and actions that bring anxiety to myself.I get the opportunity of being able to see places inaccessible to most people. (whether Dato Onn Jaafar has successfully entered the Freemasons one plant in Malaya at that time?) Seeing steps and recommendations to be had upon the Malay states. Unfortunately I had to shut your mouth, I say unfortunately my mouth is closed can not disclose this to the people of the Malay Peninsula of what is known by me in completing the jobs and my dependents ... "
reference: (Mohamed Abid, 2003, page 191-192)

The establishment of colonial Freemason in 1927 at Penang, the foundation stone of resignation.

Among the Freemason in Johor (watch carefully what is written in mailbox and symbolically)

*As wanted by Rupert Emerson (most likely a member of the Freemasons) the idea of the USA on Malaysia become a reality at 16 September 1963 when Singapore, Malaya (now known as Peninsular Malaysia), Sabah and Sarawak become a one nation, Malaysia. However, Brunei at the last minute withdrew from participating in Malaysia and remained under the auspices of the British colony until 1984. Singapore and Malaysia joined up in 1965.

8) Supporter of the idea of Malay Archipelago, such as Lim Chin Siong and Said Zahari opposed the formation of Malaysia who thought that it was the U.S. colonial project. They also thought Singapore was already a part of Malaya and there were no doubt when the country becomes a part of Malaysia. We will not easily forget the suffering felt when the past dream was sacrificed which was thought as a failure. Constitution of the People which combined with Prince AMCJA, anti-British war emergency and independence, Socialist Panel and arrestment by ISA which nearly to all of the elected representatives of People's Party and the Labour’s Party, Assemblyman, Member of Parliament, Members of Local Authorities, as well as Division’s leaders and branch after the ban on council elections of local seats when they won almost all the seats in Socialist Panel. The President of PAS, Dr. Al-Helmy Burhanudin who was accused of going against the formation of Malaysia was also languished in the ISA. This matter was written by Pak Said Zahari, who was also imprisoned by Lee Kuan Yew the ISA in Singapore, for 17 years without trial, in his book of memoirs "Passing the Turbulent Seas."

9) In conclusion, it was not Tunku Abdul Rahman who made the name Malaysia. If it is so then we were blindly fooled. Of course, it is “them” who also controlled and arranged (indirect rule) on who should rule and what kind of future generations that should be created by Malaysia.

10) In reality, Dato 'Onn was able to detected the plans that ' they' started. Unfortunately, when they realized that, the UMNO was blinded by British propaganda and their agents till this day onwards. In the end Dato’ Onn was insulted and accused by British conspirator. (Mohamed Abid, 2003, p189)

11) something big may truly occur after the era of reign of Najib Tun Razak because the Prime Minister of Malaysia game has ended!
R - Tunku Abdul Rahman
A - Tun Abdul Razak
H - Tun Hussein Onn
M - Dr. Mahathir Mohamad .. (Musa Hitam contested but lost to Dr.M M)
A - Abdullah badawi (Anwar Ibrahim was jailed when charges of sodomy / sodomy)
N - Najib Tun Razak (as if won unopposed since there is no other person whose name start with N)

12) "The government has chosen the Great War" (now named as PUTRAJAYA) .. official source of this speech:

13) According to the Illuminati plan .. whereas the Freemasonry has joined with her .. The Third World War must be carried out on the east side of the world to form the New World Order: 1World Government, noticing the letter ‘G’ in the Freemason logo, it refers to the Government!

"Here ... sent away from his son Isaac to the land of the east."
(Genesis 25:6 New International Version)

14) According to the predictions of the Jewish Zionist who controlled the state of Israel as well as parliamentary of USA (founded by one wing of their movement after the Freemasons joined forces with another Jewish movement called the Illuminati) The sons of Keturah / Quntura / Keturah who is Abraham's a.s third wife after Hajar and Sarah, will challenge their authority when it is close to the ‘World End’, and Imam Mahdi or Messiah will be born in the Eastern world. Before him, Allah will bring down prophet Isa a.s or Jesus Christ to earth to fight the Anti-Christ or Dajjal who will admit he is the true god, but he lied (I had read that he was Samiri during  the days of Prophet Musa a.s or Moses who Allah grant him a long life till the Judgement Day. After he peeped Moses who was summoned by Allah, he collected trails of angel Jibrail or Gabriel. Then he created the CATTLE-shaped “god” which was  made of gold collected from all the Jews. After he spread the trails of angel Gabriel, suddenly the cow can move actively for a few seconds and he led all the Jews by saying GOLD COW "sacred cow", "holy cow" is a God ... the story is in the Qur'an, Surah Al-Baqarah, and Samiri’s teachings most likely proof that he is the Antichrist and is still strongly believed by followers of the Hindu religion (which their great civilization began in the Indus River in India)

15) With a strong belief that a people who is the descended from Kunturah / Quntura / Keturah will challenged and defeated the Jews, most of the countries in East was weakened and split apart while western powers was amplified .. Malay world was split into at least six countries - Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei and Timor Leste... Chinese world was split into China, Taiwan, Macao, Hong Kong .. Korea World was split into North Korea and South Korea .. controlling Vietnam was still in progress, the severe bombing of Japan and the USA advanced military base was built in Japan, Philippines and many more countries around the world, as well as excessive military aid was given to Singapore (note the system is the same with Israel when Israel won the six day war against the countries of Arab) and Israel General was sent there to control the Singapore’s military strategy,( Lee Kuan Yew's call them as The Mexican)  and communist politic and modern socialist beliefs was builds which has the same founder, Karl Marx, who are Jews, and want the world to be democratic ( the system was established by Jews, USA and Russia ( which located on the east of the world ) were also crashed together, then FACEBOOK and GOOGLE was created ( the founder was also a Jewish ),then the Jews bought YOUTUBE and dominated most of the major media, HOLLYWOOD was also founded and they also well founded many  film studios companies in the USA to influence the world. This is called the ‘GLOBALIZATION’.

16) The most surprising thing is how did Anwar Ibrahim could become Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister very quickly and able to turned in his Foundation For Future strategy or plan (an organization that deliberately designed by the USA and the Jews for political planning in Asia) he was also a very close friend with Paul Wolfowitz (the mastermind of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan) and as if Najib is expressing the main mission of this Illuminati or Freemasons 1World Government: New World Order.  The first Malaysian elections during the era of the reign of Abdullah Badawi dated "13" (a number sacred to the followers of the Freemasons and the Illuminati) . What is the importance of the number "7" in Freemasonry? Placing the stone foundation of Freemasons at Penang was in 1927, planning and opinions on the formation of Malaysia was in 1937 and declaration of "Independence day" of Malaysia was in 1957.

LUCIFER show 1 World Government Sign...

17)Ideologi of Freemason, Illuminati and Zionis;
They (no matter what race) who sold their soul to the ‘MASTER‘ to do all the above will be given the power:
a. to induce spiritual blindness
b. to convince
c. to convert
d. to corrupt

Administrator (Annas Aweel): 
Political world is all as had been planned by the Freemasons and the Jewish people .. on facebook it is written, "what are you thinking" and google actually is a special database and graphs and so forth to find out find out what people really want to find on the internet ... everything is very planned!!! No copying are allowed!!! Ask Administrator(Annas Aweel) for the copyright... 


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