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The National Heritage: "Beautiful Colours of Meranek"

Assalamualaikum, Guten Tag and hello to the readers. This time, the entry is quite long and if you were a lazy reader, just stop and don't read further because it's gonna be boring. Reallyyyyy boring. But, aaaaaaaaaaaaaI am just kidding. I'm sure it'll be interesting for you to read. Trust me. I am a good journalist.

Culture. How can you love me if you don't know and love my culture. I was blended into the culture just like a blended hash browns. Aippp.....? a blended hash browns? really? hmmm. I don't think so. Technically, hash browns is not blended. It's just mine mind made idiot idiom that's absurd and senseless. hahaha. Btw, hash browns or hashed browns is one of my favourite food. hehe. Now, back to the topic.

MERANEK. The name of a breathtaking, awe-inspiring, magnificent, wonderful, amazing and stunning place for you to go. I've spent a big part of my life living here. I am a part of the society and I know most of its culture, customs and traditions. Whether you like it or not, Das gehts dich nicht an(That's non of your business), I will share about it anyway. hehe.

The Flag of Sarawak

Let's start with the briefing first. Meranek village is one of the village in Sarawak. It's located in Kota Samarahan, Sarawak, Malaysia, under 197 parliamentary constituencies led by the Honourable Mrs Rubiah bt Wang who won the 2014 general election last year. Based on the Google Map, It's situated at 1°26'24"N, 110°27'40"E. The village headman Basuni bin Haji Seman appointed since October 1985. Only half an hour is needed if we are driving a car from the village to get to the Kuching city. The majority of villagers are Malays and their religion is Islam.

 Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)

 Universiti Teknologi MARA Sarawak (UiTM)

 Institut Perguruan Tun Abdul Razak

The best thing is, it's located near several higher learning institutions such as Universiti Malaysia Sarawak(UNIMAS), Universiti Teknologi Mara, Sarawak(UiTM) and College Tun Abdul Razak. Thus many villagers program with the staff of higher education is carried out every year. The main economic activities of the villagers are pineapple, rice plantation,
freshwater fisheries and yeast companies.

Pineapple Plantation

Earlier, my family has 3 pineapple plantations all over Samarahan (Lubok Mata, Paloh and Marong) but the lands have been sold to another people because there's no one have time to take care of the lands. Our paddy field also sold out for the same reason. Now there're only a bamboo field and orchard left. Hurmm. Nanas nanas. Oh ya, my mom can make "sos cili nanas"=Pineapple Chilli Sauce and it is a fingers licking good. mamamammm. That sauce also once had been produced by KEMAS for small industry production but now I don't know why they are not producing it again.

Freshwater Fisheries.. ermm.. that lobster.. slurrppp

Lobsters? Of course this is the place where you can find a "billig"=cheap and big lobsters. "Sonderangebot!". hehehe. You can also catch it by yourself but "pass auf"=careful there are abundance of big crocodiles waiting for you in the water. I have an experience with those crocodiles whilst enjoying the lobsters catching and guess what?, there are really big and fat like a bass not treble. Better don't get into the water for the sake of your lives. Hahaha.

Collection of antique items.
My family still have most of the items shown in the pictures especially "Tar/Hadrah/gendang"(circular music instruments infront of the radio). I have unforgettable memories about the Tar. My Paknek(Grandpa) better known as "Yak Day" in the village was a "Guru Tar"=Person who teaches people to play the Tar. But unfortunately, I'd never learned how to play a Tar from him. When I was living with my Paknek and Maknek"Grandma", almost every night people came and learned the Tar beats. And I was the one who suffered from the loud noise of everybody beating the Tars. I can't sleep at night because of it. And the culture is, when the pupils came to learned from my Paknek, my Maknek will serve the food to celebrate the pupils that came. Guess what? I was suffered again in helping my Maknek to serve the food and wash the "tapaq"=plate for food. Hmm, how hard my life could be. "When my hairs all but gone and my memory fades, and the crowds don't remember my name. When my hands don't play the strings the same way but I won't forget those memories." Hahaha.

Tudung Penyarang(to cover the food), Jakin/Takin(as a bag), Nyiruk(to "tampik"=isolate the rice from coated paddy seeds) are the handicrafts that the previous generation passed to us. My Maknek is a talented handicraft maker. Just tell her, what handicraft do you want to have and she will make it for you. One of her specialization is making variety of "Sarong Ketupat"(Ketupat Wrappers). I have mastered more than 15 shapes of Sarong ketupat from her. These are my favourite shapes:
 Ketupat Burung (Bird)
 Ketupat Kucing (Cat)
Ketupat Kambing (Goat)
*Ketupat is a glutinous rice that cooked with coconut milk and a little bit salt inside the "Sarong Ketupat".. sometime it uses regular rice(nasi himpit)

 Hmm.. yummy Ketupat Palas.. Picture credit to: Fiza's Cooking Blogspot
Growing the Fatty Acid.. lol.. Picture credit to: Dari Dapur Ummi Blogspot
The paddy plantation is one of the economic activities in the village, therefore, there should be equipments in processing the harvest. In the picture shown below, we have Jungkar(A platform that made of bamboo and rattan to dry the harvest), Cerindak/Terendak(A coned-hat), Tikar(mat) and Guni(Jute/sacks/Gunny).

Earlier, we have known that the villagers are 100% muslims, so there is a special event for those who have Khatam The Quran(Finished Reading 30 Juzuk of Quran). It is called "Majlis Khatamal Quran". The person who has khatam will be walked in a parade surround the village until reached the stage to recite the Quran in public. In this parade, there will be beautiful creative handmade accessories. Pictures of the items brought in the parade:

 Ships replica filled with "bunga telur"and "ketupat"
 Traditional Bunga Telur(Egg with flower decoration)
Modern Bunga Telur

*Bunga Telur will be given to the villagers who came in the parade . The egg will be eaten and the flower you can keep it as souvenir :)

Bunga Manggar.. Picture credit to: Arni Yusnita Ahmad Blogspot
Last but not least, I would like to thank for your willingness and excitement to read about this entry. Now you have seen a little part of our diversity in tradition and culture. I know, of course there will be some similarities that we shared together despite of differences. I hope we will altogether to preserve our own tradition and culture from lost in time. Not going to talk more, below is the last picture for this entry.
Antique bicycle with "gat"(used for carrying the harvest) at the back.

 p/s: For other pictures, special thank and credit to KLakar Orang Meranek Facebook Group

 “You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”
Ray Bradbury

BRIGED SISWA REPORT: A little bear has fallen


Nothing much to talk, just wanna tell that mummy's little bear has grown up today.

Grown up? Em, ya.. Maybe just li'el bit.. hehe

To be honest, never in my life to fall in love before.. and never in my life to feel and care about about it.. When I said never then it means NEVER.. but that NEVER only applicable before this post...

I've gone through my teenage years but I never felt this feeling before..

But now I'm twenie yeas'ol and this is the first time I feel it... It's a sort of aaaaaaaaaI don't know how I'm gonna describe it.. but it's cool.. It's kinda weird feeling strikes sweetly upon my heart.. 

It feels like melted cheese with some mayonnaise and tomatoes sauce inside a burger.. mamamammm.. yummy.. But, I think it's tastier than that.. Really does~

I don't know what just happened, but what I'm sure of I "fall in love in mysterious way".. 

Weird, Strange and Mysterious..

I love her.. ewwww~ It sounds disgusting but I love her really.. I am sure..

Her voice, her gentleness, her smile, her eyes, her laughter and all the things she does I love it..

I wanna spend more time with her.. I mean, for the rest of my life..

I miss her.. hahaha.. disgusting words~ but seriously I miss her damn much.. hard to breathe.. auch.. mummy it's hurt..

"You're the voice I hear inside my head the reason that I'm singing..
I need to find you, I gotta find you..
You're the missin' piece I need the song inside of me..
I need to find you, I gotta find you..
Been feelin' lost, can't find the words to say..
Spendin' all my time stuck in yesterday..
Where you are is where I wanna be..
Next to you and you next to me.."

But, syrup is not always sweet.. too much ice then it would not be sweet anymore..

There's a wall, ummm... precisely, a layer of walls between me and her..

People say, love does not always to be owned...

but... "If I let her go, something I would have will forever be gone"...

I don't wanna let her go..

I love you.. ewww.. aaa.. I love you.. I love you.. That's all I can do right now.. Just saying "I love you"..


Who's the killer? Kbye.. 

Written by: An adorable demon

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You won't believe until you read this...

 Trust me, I am an Engineer

        Birds fly, superman flies, airplanes fly and same goes with the time. It has been a whilst I did not post entries in this blog. Busy? Ah, not really. Just haven’t have space for blogging. Hehehe.

        Okay, I don’t want to talk much about it but just want to tell you I have renovated this blog and fixed some HTML code errors, compatibility access with phone operating system and reducing loaded period range. Technically, it hasn’t finished yet and I’m on my way there. It’s mean I’m working on it to get it better.

        Well, done with introduction and now I want to share with you my first experience in Pahang. To be specific, it should be written as my journey to/in Pahang. Before you read further, I warn you, in this entry there’re some inappropriate words used, so prevent racist, religion extremist, pro-government/People's Alliance, immature and premature people from reading this entry. If you’re one of them and want to read further, please ask for parental guidance.

        Let’s start with the chronology. Before I came to Pahang, there are many things to be solved. First is about flight ticket. I bought it a day before I was flying to Pahang. Buying a ticket on the spot is extremely expensive. I got the ticket for about RM600. Huh. But the best thing is, there was no best thing. It was getting worst. It took most of my budget. Alaaa. So, I need more financial supports. Guess what, I was struggling on it and I succeed for the fifth trial. Praise to Allah for the help. I don’t want to tell you more where I got the supports because it’s really private.

         Then, let’s proceed with the day I flew to Pahang. Like usual, every time I travel, I will make sure my things are ready. I did a last check on it before I go to the airport. When I reached Kuching International Airport (KCH), I did luggage security check and checked in my ticket on MAS counter. It’s an easy procedure like a piece of cake for me because I have flown with MAS for more than 20 times. I used to it. After those stuffs were done, I took photos with my family like usual. Then, went to the self-check in, waiting for the gate to open and lastly departed to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

        Everything went fine, I arrived in KLIA at 11pm. Nothing to be worried, just relaxing my body on a couch beside foreigners and tried to sleep. But, life is not always sweet like a candy. I want to pee but I can’t leave my stuffs with unknown people. I don’t believe anyone. At that time, I had a trust crisis. I thought better for me to not trusting anyone rather than trust someone and lost my things. So, I just hold the weighing until the next morning. I didn’t sleep because of that. 

        At next morning, about 6.30am, I phoned Lawrence to come early to the airport and hours after that, he came to the airport and we checked in together. We were on the same flight. Finally, I took this chance to let go everything because there’s someone to trust to take care of my things. Hahahahaha.

         Our flight to Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport Kuantan (KUA) was good and we are on the same flight with Pahang football players whose have lost to Johor Darul Takzim (JDT) in Super League. Hehehe. They’re not really good especially Malay players. They made noise in the flight like the airplane is belong to their fathers. Shit. No discipline in public, so no respect for them. They’re not superstars but acting like they’re the best. So funny. Ah, forget it. I feel really annoyed if I thought about them.

        Whilst on the air to the KUA, what I saw below just a tree and another tree, then a tree again and finally they are all tree. What the fish! Is this where I will be for the 4 and a half years? I have made a bad decision by choosing Pahang for the place to study. It has a slow growth in development. What made things became worst and I was want to cry, when I arrived at the KUA, the airport is not like an airport. Yes, trust me, it is not like an airport. It just looks like a warehouse. Abandoned warehouse. That was a culture shock for me. My expectation for peninsular people before I came here was they’re far civilised people with highly developed state. But the reality is not like that. I feel really responsible for this place. “Di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung”. InsyaAllah I will do my best to help in development of this place in some later time. As a part Malaysian. We must altogether in the name of nation neglecting the South China Sea that separated us to make this country to be the best country to live.

        Actually I love this place. It’s far away from the city. I love the native people here and the people that come from another states or countries. Although we have different intentions but we’re on the same boat in our aim. All of us want to be a successful person in our lives. Heeee. What else I forget to talk. Aaaaaaa~ food. Yes, food. I love the local food. The weather, the cows, sheeps, goats, bunny, chickens, cats and etc., I love all of them. They make this place to shine bright like a diamond. Really filled the empty space of my heart.

        But, despite all of those, I feel a little bit disappointed with some of the peninsular people that still be like “Katak di bawah tempurung”. At first, I felt mad with those people whose looked down on Borneo people. Their perceptions about Borneo land is stuck on the 50’s. But, when I think rationally, I wasn’t mad with them but the feeling is more like pity with their minds. What are we expecting from a car with an empty tank? Is the car going to work? Of course not if the car is petrol dependence. It goes the same with those people. What are you expecting from people whose haven’t been in Borneo? Of course they don’t know about Borneo. So, from now, don’t ever feel mad when people looked down on our place. Just pray for them, to be gifted a chance to go to the Borneo land so that they can change their perceptions. We are Borneo people. We are good in tolerating. And the best part is, we don’t have U*NO in Sarawak (Don’t be a butt hurt, I don’t mention about political party). That made us live in harmony and all the Malay rights in Sarawak are still preserved and there’s no religion extremist or racist. Hehehe.

        Last but not least, I know I am kind of astray from the main topic and the story is not finish yet. I haven't talk about my registration in Universiti Malaysia Pahang but who cares? You still read until the end. I use my right to speech wisely. I am not against the law. In article 10 of The Constitution of Malaysia said every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression. Blablablabla. Okay, bye. I love you so much. Until we meet again in another entry.


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Peminat Misteri (Istimewa Ramadhan)

Malam raya. Ibu mengetuk pintu bilikku. Menghulurkanku sepucuk surat.
“Apa ni, mak?”
“Ada orang bagi tadi. Untuk kamu.”
Ibu berlalu pergi ke ruang tamu, menyambung kerja menghias rumah dengan adik dan kakak.
Jam sudah menunjukkan hampir pukul 1 pagi. Dengan cermat, aku membuka sampul berisi surat. Ku teliti tulisannya. Kemas. Tulisan siapakah ini? Tidak ku kenali. Bersila di atas katil. Ku amati bait-bait tulisan di helaian surat. Ringkas saja isinya.
“Assalamualaikum. Maaf mengganggu. Sebenarnya sudah lama saya memerhatikan awak. Awak boleh panggil saya stalker kalau awak nak. Sebelum puasa lagi, saya nak sangat jumpa dengan awak. Awak tahu tak betapa saya berkenan dengan awak?”
Hatiku mulai berdebar-debar. Rupanya aku ada peminat dalam diam. Mesti awek ni. Kembang kuncup sekejap hidungku. Tersipu-sipu. Tak sabar-sabar lagi, terus aku membaca perenggan yang seterusnya.
“Sejak tahun-tahun dulu lagi sebenarnya saya dah lama follow awak. Awak saja tak sedar kewujudan saya. Saya intai di facebook awak, status awak, awak kata awak suka ke masjid dekat rumah awak ni bila nak solat terawikh. Saya buat keputusan untuk ke masjid yang awak sebutkan. Namun, hampa. Saya tak nampak kelibat awak di situ. Saya tunggu dan tunggu, awak tak datang-datang juga. Selama dekat 9 malam saya tunggu awak. Kecewa sendiri. Saya decide untuk meninjau-ninjau masjid dan surau yang berdekatan dengan rumah awak, tapi hampa juga. Awak juga tiada di mana-mana. Lalu, saya tekad cuba ke rumah awak. Saya dapati awak ada saja di rumah. Tak ke mana-mana. Saya nampak awak sibuk dengan laptop dan henfon awak. Fikir saya, mungkin awak ada seseorang yang sangat istimewa. Bila habis saja orang bersolat terawih, awak keluar lepak dengan kawan-kawan makan-makan. Begitulah rutin awak setiap hari. Saya cemburu. Padahal awak tak tahu, andai awak kenal saya, awak akan tahu saya lebih istimewa dari orang yang awak suka tu. Awak tak tahu, perasaan saya pada awak jauh lebih dalam berbanding sesiapa pun yang awak kenal. Lebih anggun dan menawan dari gadis-gadis yang awak kenali.”
Aku berkerut kening. Dalam hati, dia ni menakutkanlah. Syok sendiri ke minah ni? Aku menyambung baca.
“Saya sedih. Sangat sedih. Saya tetap menanti awak di pintu masjid yang awak katakan. Setia menanti. Cuma nak melihat awak. Di malam ke-18, awak muncul akhirnya. Awak tahu tak, betapa saya happy sangat dapat tengok awak? Walaupun awak tak perasan saya, saya tak kisah. Tapi, gembira saya tak lama. Awak hilang lagi. Tak datang lagi ke masjid. Saya pergi ke masjid itu tiap kali masuk waktu solat. Dengan harapan awak ada sama berjemaah. Tapi, hampa bertubi-tubi. Bayang awak pun saya tak nampak. Di siang hari, ada saya ke rumah awak. Saya dapati awak selepas Subuh,
tidur sampai Zohor. Selepas Zohor, tidur sampai Asar. Andai tak tidur, sibuk dengan fon. Malam kadang-kadang awak tidur, banyaknya berjaga. Tak habis-habis dengan internet dan gajet. Kadang-kadang saya terfikir, awak tak bosankah menghadap benda-benda tu? Apa penting sangatkah mereka? Saya tunggu seperti biasa di masjid. Tiap malam tanpa jemu. Hinggalah malam terakhir terawih. Awak tak hadir juga. Saya kecewa. Saya sedih. Malam itu saya menangis cukup-cukup. Biarlah tumpah seribu air mata sekalipun. Pedihnya hati ini. Betapa awak tak peduli. Tak pedulikan saya. Tak pedulikan kehadiran saya. Tak pedulikan kesetiaan saya selama ini. Tak peduli yang saya sayang awak. Sayang awak sangat-sangat. Tak peduli yang saya ambil berat tentang awak sangat-sangat. Jauh di sudut hati saya sebenarnya, saya nak tengok awak jadi pemuda yang soleh. Sebab itulah tanpa jemu, saya tunggu awak di masjid tiap masa dan ketika. Tinggalkan dosa, tinggalkan benda-benda lagha. Namun, hajat tak kesampaian. Cukuplah sampai sini. Saya ambil keputusan untuk pergi. Tak mahu ganggu awak lagi. Biarlah awak dengan hidup awak. Siapa saya di mata awak? Sesuatu yang tidak bermakna saja pada awak. Biar berjauhan. Awak kenal siapa saya.”

Aku menggigil sedikit membaca baris terakhir. Kugagahkan diri jua.
“Saya Ramadhan. Jaga diri, jaga iman. Selamat tinggal.”
 Aku terkedu. Kelu membisu. Air mata mulai menitik ke atas warkah misteri itu. Ya Allah. Ku tinggalkan surat tadi, berlari keluar untuk bertanyakan mak siapa yang bagi. Mak menggeleng tak tahu. Bila masuk kembali, surat itu telah diterbangkan angin melalui tingkap. Hilang. Melihat orang lain beraya, aku juga mahu sakan beraya dengan orang tercinta. Tapi, selama ini aku buat semberono ala kadar saja pada Ramadhan Allah. Air mata mengalir tak tertahan lagi. Aku pendosa yang lupa Allah Maha Memerhati. Kesal 150 juta kali.
Jgn biar ending kisah anda sebegini TRAGIS !! Jangan biarkan ramadhan pergi dengan tangisan sesalan tapi tangisi pemergian kerana bimbang kita tak bertemu lagi dgn nya...

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